on May 7th, 2018 by CarePlus

Improved Volume Requires Better Analytics & Benchmarking

To get better, you need better data. CarePlus tracks a multitude of clinical, financial, and operational metrics on every procedure. Additionally, because we work with so many centers, CarePlus can benchmark that data against similar centers to help identify areas to improve.

“Our ASC partner centers work collaboratively to lift each other up,” says CMO John Morgan, M.D. “When one comes up with a better solution to a problem, they want to share that info with the entire CarePlus network.”

With years of research and analysis, experts at CarePlus have been able to map out inefficiencies in ASC patient backlogs providing services that result in increased volume, eliminated backlogs, and increased patient satisfaction.

“Some of our MDs have weeks and months of patient backlogs. If a patient must wait several weeks to get on your schedule, they are more likely to take their business elsewhere. By adding one more case per day or adding another day of service during the week backlogs can be eliminated, and those lost patients can be avoided,” said Paul Weir, Senior Vice President of Business Development.

A sample of the analytics collected by CarePlus and shared in quarterly reports includes: payor mix, OR efficiency metrics such as average time per case and room turnover time, anesthesia quality indicators, anesthesia cost per case, average provider cost per case, and adverse outcomes.

CarePlus offers modern strategies for center growth including discussions of adding case volume through center efficiencies, flexibility in operating hours, and the insight to help anesthesia positively impact operational and financial growth.

Don’t let decreased volume or patient backlogs stifle your growth. Contact CarePlus today.